Student Comments

We asked our students to comment on their experiences participating in some of the many Community Outreach performances in our city. Here are their thoughts:

“I think it was good for me because you have a chance to perform, and it made older people remember when they danced”. “I see the people’s happy faces because we are there and it makes me want to be a better dancer.”

Autumn, aged 10.

“From doing the outreach performances in the past, I have learned that through my dancing, I can give a gift to people, and that the gift of me spending my time there to dance for those people is worth so much more than it I were performing at the Royal Opera House with perfect technique.”

Adrianna, aged 16.

“I benefitted from doing outreach at the Seniors home because it gave me an opportunity to share my talent with the community. It was very encouraging for me to see how my performance blessed the Seniors. It was fun to dance for a different audience and the Seniors happiness made me happy!”

Jessie-Anne, aged 17

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