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Registered Participants Code of Conduct

At Creators Arts Centre we strive to encourage all students to enjoy and excel in all areas of dance. We believe it is important to provide a positive environment for students to grow and focus on their inner talents and to instil self-expression, discipline, and passion for dance.

To become a successful dancer strong technique is a key ingredient and class is where you develop this technique. Class time is time to focus on yourself and not to focus on others, socializing is to be done out of class time. To truly progress, each class needs to be looked at as an opportunity to better what you already love to do. Make the most of each class – “Dance full out, stretch further and become more aware of your technique & areas to improve.”

The purpose of having a Code of Conduct is to establish and maintain a safe, caring and orderly environment where participants feel they belong. Expectations are set out so that everyone knows what acceptable and appropriate behaviours are. We expect all participants to take personal responsibility for their behaviour


The way that students conduct themselves in class, around the centre and at community events is a source of pride for CAC.  Teachers and parents have important roles in encouraging positive behavior, but students themselves take responsibility for their own actions and how they impact on their fellow students and CAC.

I will:

  • Be ready for class to begin. The Teacher should not have to tell the students the class is beginning or to get ready for class. It is recommended that students arrive at the studio at least 10 – 15 minutes before the start of class to allow time to prepare and warm up. For safety reasons students arriving more than 10 minutes late and missing warm-up may, according on the Teachers discretion, be asked to view class and not to join class.
  • Be polite, courteous and respectful of my teacher. In classes hand is to be raised to ask a question, there is to be no talking unless addressed by the Teacher.
  • When observing a dance class for any reason be quiet and courteous to the dancers, Teachers, and Assistants and not disrupt a dance class for any reason.
  • Not bully, spread malicious gossip, or isolate other students.
  • Treat all others the way I like to be treated. Be polite, courteous and respectful to others in class, around the studio and at CAC community events . Strive to create a positive environment for all regardless of age or ability. At CAC we encourage teamwork and fairness and dancers are encouraged to establish new friendships with dancers in their classes.
  • Be honest with my Teacher regarding illness, injury and the ability to participate in each class. Advise the Teacher before lesson starts if you have an issue.
  • Be honest with my attitude and preparation to group work, by working equally as hard for myself as well as for my peers. If a lesson is missed ask other peers to help catch up on choreography.
  • Honor the commitments I make to the dance studio, attend lessons, rehearsals and performance above other social events.
  • Keep absences to a minimum in order to maintain good progression in class. Regular absences can result in dropping behind the rest of the class, possible repetition of a grade, and lack of confidence.
  • Respect my dance studio premises by keeping neat and tidy, cleaning up after myself, disposing of garbage and not running in hallways or playing in lockers.
  • Make sure that if I have time off between classes I have something to do, eg homework, reading, etc; CAC is not a playground.
  • Understand that the final decision will be made by the Artistic Director and Dance Faculty in regards to my ability to enter examinations, festivals and class placements. And, understand that these decisions are made with my best interest in mind.
  • Never upload choreography or syllabus content onto any social media unless given permission by the choreographer (Facebook, YouTube, etc) as this is a breach of copyright
  • Always display polite manners and behaviour when in public representing the studio or in uniform.
  • Not leave the studio early without having parental permission and informing Teachers or Reception.
  • I will consistently try my best. Remember that perseverance and tenacity are a sign of strength so adopt a positive attitude, ask for help when you need it, and never give up.

If disrespect is shown to any teacher or faculty, students will be asked to leave class. If inappropriate behavior or disrespect is continually displayed, Creator’s Arts Centre reserves the right to ask this student or family to leave the school. Please refer to Creator’s Behavioural Policy if any questions arise as to official procedural policies (available by request).

Parents / Guardians

Parents and Guardians have a vital role to play in the enjoyment and learning that their children experience at CAC. So that they can contribute positively to their child’s experience, CAC has developed a Code of Conduct for parents and guardians to follow.

I will:

  • Be supportive of my child’s efforts and focus positively on my child’s performance rather than the overall outcome of the performance, examination or audition and winning or losing.
  • Respect and follow advice and direction provided by the Artistic Director and Dance Faculty.
  • Ensure to bring my child to class on time to avoid disrupting the Teacher and other students.
  • Be responsible for collecting my child on time after class is finished. Any children left at the studio past class time that requires teacher supervision, will be charged a fee in order for the teacher to remain onsite.
  • Encourage my child to follow the rules of the dance studio and any audition, dance team or competition they enter into.
  • Not bully, spread malicious gossip, or isolate other students, parents or faculty.
  • Conduct myself with professional behaviour at the studio as well as community and festival events.
  • Support all efforts to remove any verbal and physical abuse from all dance activities and report any such incidents to the Artistic Director.
  • At all times display and guide appropriate behaviour among students, and parents, including respect for each other, Teachers, Adjudicators and people from other dance schools.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility when dealing with or in the vicinity of students under the age of 18, knowing that my words and actions set an example.
  • Supervise my young children while waiting at the venue to make sure they do not disrupt classes, injure themselves or others, or damage property. Parents will be held responsible for any costs incurred to property that has been damaged.
  • Make sure that if my child has time off between classes they have something to do, eg homework, reading, etc; CAC is not a playground.
  • Provide healthy snacks and meals for my child to ensure they are “well fuelled” for class.
  • Take responsibility for my child’s safety, behaviour and well-being before and after their class.
  • Show appreciation for performances of all students regardless of age or ability, including those from other dance schools.
  • Ensure that my child is in good physical condition to participate in class and will tell staff about any medical conditions or allergies and let the studio know if my child has been injured or may need to take care while in class.
  • Understand that children showing inappropriate behaviour may be removed from the dance class. Parents/Guardians will partner with CAC to resolve the issues so their child can return to class quickly.
  • Give adequate notice to the staff and Dance Teachers of any extended vacations or absences which will affect my child/children. If possible one months notice is requested.
  • Understand that students preparing for a performance, festival or examination are expected to maintain excellent attendance. If attendance falls below the desired amount of classes, the student may be asked to withdraw from their performance or examination if it is felt that they will not be suitably prepared.
  • Abide and respect all policies, procedures and agreements set forth by CAC.

Creator’s Arts Centre reserves the right to ask a student or family to leave CAC for inappropriate behaviour by a parent or guardian.

Unaccompanied Children Policy

Any children left at the studio past class time that requires teacher supervision, the following rates will be charged in order for the teacher to remain onsite.

15-20 Minutes $20.00 plus an additional $5.00 per 15 minute block thereafter.

Child Safety:

For our copy of our Child Safety Policies please email the office

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