Why Dance at Creator's

At Creator’s, every dancer is valued and celebrated. We have excellent instructors who not only care about their students’ technique and skills, but also care about the dancers as unique individuals with gifts, personalities, and dreams.

Our aim is to build confidence, self-worth, and a sense of creativity in all our students so they may have all the tools they need to express themselves through their art. At Creator’s we inspire each student to be the best dancer they choose to be and the individual they aspire to be. We invite our dancers to desire excellence so they may go on to touch many lives through art and dance.

We believe that the disciplines passed on through dance will offer “tomorrow’s leaders” life giving tools such as self motivation, hard work, and discipline, as well as the ability to be teachable and take correction. This is what we want every student at Creator’s to take with them into their future places in society, believing that strong kids = a strong community.

Creator’s Arts Centre boasts 3 beautifully studios in the heart of Kelowna. Each studio space has big beautiful windows to allow natural light in, and viewing windows for the parents. The upstairs studios have skylights and a piano, and downstairs, the large studio has a sprung floor. We hope you will stop by and see what our muralist, Jen Burtch, has painted on the walls!

We have something for every dancer at CAC — Classes from preschool to adult. Recreational programs and a Royal Academy of Dance program for the dancer who likes more of a challenge. We also have a by-audition Dance Team and Hip Hop Crew.

“CAC celebrated with me, cried with me, and dreamed with me” – Catherine Thomas (former Miss Canada)

“The Instructors at CAC believed in me, pushed me and mentored me” – Melissa Goertzen (Aquatic Lesson Supervisor at H2O)

“CAC taught me discipline, determination and faith”Candace Pearson (medical student at UBC)

“At CAC I was accepted and valued“Marie Keery (pursuing English Degree at Biola University)

Read what some of our students have to say about us.

Creator’s Arts Centre

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P: 250.860.6616
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