Acro Intensive 2017

July 17, 18 & 19 , 2017

Boost your acro skills this summer with certified Acrobatique instructors from all over the city! Beginner to advanced levels and small class sizes to maximize learning for everyone. Dancers wanting to be placed in our Accelerated Acro Program next year (who were not in the program this year) will have opportunity to audition for that as well (see below).

Level 1

Limited to no experience

Level 2 Requirements

Hold a headstand 10 sec

Handstand against wall 10 sec

Successful cartwheels on both sides

Hold a bridge on the ground with straight arms for 10 seconds

Level 3 Requirements

All tricks from level 2

Handstand against wall 30 sec

Bridge kick-over

Elbow stand against the wall

Level 4  Requirements

All tricks from level 2/3

Front or back walkover

3 Steps walking handstand

Both sides, one-handed cartwheels

Elbow stand away from the wall

*tricks in levels II-IV must be done with stretched legs and feet and a strong core.

Class Time
2:30-4:30pm Level I
2:30-4:30pm Level II
4:30-6:30pm Level III
4:30-6:45pm Level IV

Fees (early bird): 

Level I  $67.50 ($81 after May 1st)

Level II   $90 ($108 after May 1st)

Level III  $90 ($108 after May 1st)

Level IV $101.25 ($121.50 after May 1st)

**There is no refunds of fees after July 1st.  Account Credits only

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Fall Placement in our Accelerated Acro Program:

For dancers new to our Accelerated Acro Program who wish to be considered for this Fall, this camp will be their audition. Dancers currently in our Accelerated Program will be required to take the camp to be accepted for a second year and need a teacher recommendation. Current participation in the Acro Accelerated Program does not guarantee placement next Fall.

Dancers accepted into the 2017.18 Accelerated Program will be required to do a  minimum of 2 hours a week for this program and are strongly encouraged to take other dance styles.

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