Dances classes for preschool to teen!


Join Our Competitive Dance Program

The competitive dance program at Creator’s Arts Centre is an excellent choice for the dancer looking to push themselves as an individual and learn how to foster integrity in a competitive environment. Dancers in the competitive program become members of “Impact Performance Company” and have a set amount of rehearsal hours with a choreographer and are expected to also rehearse themselves weekly.

For more detailed information on commitment and expectations, please request an application form from the office by emailing

Why Choose a Competitve Dance Program?

Competition is part of life, no matter what career path you end up on. Our competitive program prepares your child to build and develop the skills they will need later throughout their adult lives with confidence and grace. Our competitive dance program prepares your child for their adult lives by helping them to build and develop the skills they need to succeed with confidence and grace. Through their participation in the Impact Performance Company, students learn valuable skills such as self-motivation, active listening, self-awareness, confidence, stress management, and acknowledging one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Places in the Impact Performance Company are available to students ages 6-18 who are interested in competiting at festivals and other competitions. Competitive programs are available in the following styles.

  • Ballet

  • Jazz

  • Contemporary

  • Tap Dance

  • Lyrical

  • Acro

  • Hip-Hop


Audition dates for the Impact Performance Company

Audition dates for the 2017/18 competitive dance season have passed. If your family is interested in joining the Impact Performance Company, please email our staff at to apply for an exception.