Daytime Classes

Creators Arts Centre is pleased to announce that we will be offering daytime classes starting in September 2016.

Royal Academy of Dance Advanced Foundation Daytime Classes:

A unique opportunity for our Advanced Foundation students to have an immersive weekly dance experience to build technique, strength, stamina, and performance. The focus would be on the R.A.D syllabus, exams, body conditioning and modern/contemporary technique to create a more well-rounded ballet dancer. Dancers participating in the daytime classes will also work on 2 group pieces for festival (one ballet, one contemporary). The program instructor is Ms. Joanna Lige and guest teachers may also be invited to teach some of the classes and offer new perspectives.

Dancers at the Intermediate level are invited to take the conditioning, choreography and contemporary classes. Class schedule is as follows:


10:00-11:00  Adv Found Syllabus

11:00-11:30  Adv Found Pointe/Variations

11:30-12:00 lunch

12:00-12:30 Conditioning

12:30-1:00 Choreo (Festival/competitive work)

1:00-2:00 Contemporary

Cost: Standard tuition rates will apply in accordance to our 2016.17 tuition policy. This tuition policy is based on the number of hours danced per week to a maximum of 8 hours.  Additional fees for the daytime program will include festival entrance fees and costume fees.

Attire: Students will be expected to purchase and wear matching Royal Academy of Dance Camisole leotards (in Royal Blue)  to maintain a look of professionalism. Modor Style 13520.  These leotards are suitable for exam presentation.

Registration can be done at or by emailing the office for more details.

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