In-Studio Rehearsal

Below is the schedule and some important information about our In-Studio Rehearsal on Saturday April 29th, 2017. After reading through the information, please let us know if you have any questions.

Click InStudio Rehearsal, 2017 (PDF) to download, view & print the In Studio Schedule

If you are new to us this year here are some tips to surviving one of the busiest days of the year:

  1. Know that it will be crazy and be prepared. We have over 200 students at this studio and on April 29th they are almost all here AT ONCE instead of spread out over 6 days. We have a system for making the day as smooth as possible but it is an organized chaos. Keeping calm and going with the flow will help you manage.


  1. Know what your child’s class and dance name are. Most of the information going out about the show will list where your child is supposed to be when by their class name and/or piece name.


  1. If you’re not sure of something, check the website. There is a lot of info that goes out this time of year that will help you feel like you know what’s going on. There is a tab in the menu just for year-end recital information. If after reading through that information you’re still not sure ask someone in the “know” (like Kim or Ms. Laura). Another parent might sound like they know what’s going on, but your best bet is the website or Laura and Kim.


  1. Be prepared for things to run late or early. We set our schedules as best we can to accurately reflect the day but sometimes things get off schedule once we get things rolling as some bits need more tweaking then others along the way. If it were an exact science, they wouldn’t call it art!  Show up at least 15 minutes before for your child’s scheduled In-Studio times and be prepared to stay later if need be. Your dancer will stay for the entire time block they are assigned to.

The In-Studio Rehearsal is compulsory for all students performing in the recital.

Additional Information:

1. Please be on time. We try our best to stay on schedule. If you are late, you may miss your rehearsal. This rehearsal is very important as it allows groups to work together and gives the Artistic Director the opportunity to see if the dance/drama connects together properly and last minute changes might be made to your child’s routine.

2. If your child needs to wait for more than one scheduled time please send healthy snacks, lunch, water bottles and something to keep them occupied (book, homework, etc)

3. All female students must come with a ballet bun or ponytail (if not in any ballet pieces), bodysuit and tights/pants as per the required class attire for their disciplines. Please also bring all shoes needed for each piece. Male students must be in the proper dress code for their discipline.

4. Students will not be permitted to leave during the lunch break without their legal guardian. If you’ve arranged to have another child’s parent take them or for them to go with a group of friends your child must bring a note to the office letting us know that has been arranged. This is for your child’s safety.

5. Parents are responsible for supervising their own children or arranging with another parent to supervise their child.

The In-Studio is such an exciting day as it’s the first time the students see the larger scope of the show and where their place is in it.

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