Our New Logo & Look

To the CAC community & family,

Creator’s Arts Centre is a special place; a place that is welcoming and friendly, that raises the expectations set for students in dance and in life, and a place that today’s youth desperately need.

When we made the decision to embrace an updated Mission Statement and logo, it was important that we didn’t disrupt the past and that we amplify the best of what students, families and teachers love about Creator’s Arts Centre. What people love most about C.A.C. is the sense of community, age-appropriate dance education, and the excellent quality of training in both dance and life. Our updated brand better reflects these things and shines a light on who we are today while leaving room for us to continue to grow and shine for years to come

This re-brand has been months in the making and we’ve consulted many staff members, long-term supporters of CAC and members of the public along the way. More than half a dozen logos and several variations were considered before we landed on this energetic dancer. Like the original logo, our new dancer is abstract and non-conforming on a bold, contrasting background. As we move forward into the decades to come, our new logo is a bit bolder, more obviously ‘dance’ and ‘movement’, and something that our young students and their families will represent with pride.

Finally, we want to reassure our C.A.C. community that the school is not changing. We know where we come from and how our past defines our future. We’re merely amplifying the best of what Creator’s Arts Centre has to offer. As Kelowna’s only non-profit dance school, we are here to train, to inspire, and to DANCE!


Laura Elliott
Artistic Director
Creator’s Arts Centre