Photo Day Schedules

For a downloadable printable copy please click:  Photo Day Schedule PDF

May 12, & 13th, 2017

This year we are thrilled to announce that the ladies from Famous Photos will be taking our class and individual photos.  To ensure every dancer has the opportunity to participate, we are hosting multiple photo days.

Please make a note of which date your class has been assigned to.  Please make this day a priority!

Friday May 12

3:00        Duck Pond Game Tuesday Dance Basics

3:35        Ring Toss Jazz/Acro 6-8yrs

3:55        2nd Star to the Right Primary Ballet

4:25        Fairy Dust Pre-Primary Ballet

4:50        Cannon Balls Acro B

5:15        Parrots Primary Tap

5:40        Monkeys Acro 8-10

6:05        Story Time Grade 2 Ballet

6:15        Vines Accelerated Acro A

6:25        Bugs Hip Hop II/III

6:45        Crocodiles Jazz II/III

7:00        Youth Teen Hip Hop

7:15        Crabs Tap II/III

7:25        Rocks Accelerated Acro B

7:45        Gold Hip Hop 12-15yrs


May 13

9:00        Candy Apples Saturday  First Steps

9:20        Cotton Candy Saturday Dance Basics

9:40        Rainbow Popcorn Saturday Pre-Primary Jazz

10:00     Street Kids Hip Hop/Acro “A”

10:25     Captured Hip Hop 9-10yrs

10:40     Carousel Ponies Saturday Pre-Primary Ballet

10:55     Volcano People Jazz I 6-8

11:15     Glow Worms RTHM Ground Girls Mini Crew

11:35     Flying Grade 2 Ballet

11:55     Wolves Jazz A

12:10     City Park Gardens Tap A

12:25     Suns & Moons Grade 4 Ballet

12:40     Swamp Modern Contemporary

12:50     Friendship Grade 3 Ballet

1:05        Lava Modern Contemporary

1:20        Forest Jazz B

1:40        Volcano People Hip Hop/Acro 6-8 “B”

1:55        Going to the Palais Tap B

2:10        Fireworks Teen Jazz

2:20        Mermaids & Shells Teen Lyrical

2:40        Lost Boys RTHM Ground Mini Boys Crew

2:50        Ravens Intermediate Foundation Ballet

3:00        Butterflies Hip Hop 11-13

3:10        Forgiveness Intermediate II Hip Hop

3:25        Battle Grade 7/Advanced Foundation Ballet

3:35        Wind Figure Skater’s Ballet

3:50        Crisis & Confusion Intermediate/Adv. Jazz

4:00        Lost Lyrical B

4:10        Coming Home Intermediate Ballet

4:15        Journey Adv. Modern

4:25        Mermaids & Shells Grade 5 Ballet

4:35        Individual Shots Only Jr. & Sr. Rthm ground crews (Keyanna, Capri) **You must sign up prior to photo day.

4:45        Water Lilies Lyrical A

5:00        Pirates Tap C

5:15        Shadows Jazz C

5:25        Flamingos Intermediate/Adv. Pointe


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