Chelsey Murdock

Dance Instructor

Disciplines Taught: lyrical, jazz, ballet, acro

Dance Education: I began dancing at age 4 and have trained in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop and modern dance, with an emphasis on jazz, ballet and lyrical. I have attended many different workshops across the U.S. and Canada and competed in festivals from ages 9-18.

Professional performing resume: BC Lions Halftime Show, United Nations

Why I love teaching: Dance brings me so much joy and has always been very therapeutic for me. It’s given me confidence and helped me to better understand myself and impacted how I relate to others. I love seeing how dance impacts peoples lives, whether it’s in very small or big ways. Teaching allows me to witness those moments of impact and transformation.

How dance has changed my outlook on lifeAs someone who is very careful and likes to feel like I am in control of my life, it wasn’t until my early 20s that I realized that this was very much how I danced. I know my teachers tried to get me to take more risks and push the boundaries of my movement and performance abilities, but mentally this was very difficult for me. Sometimes you just need to trust your training and go for it! If you fall or fail that’s okay – at least you learn something in the process. It’s through taking risks and doing something different – both in life and in dance – that you learn the most about yourself, God and others.

Best advice you’ve ever been given or advice you share with students: 

For dancers who have been training for many years, overthinking and control can be their biggest hurdle in getting to the next personal level in their dancing. Don’t be afraid to take risks! If you fall or fail, think of that as a learning experience. Dance bigger than yourself.

First dance performance piece:  I was 5 years old in ballet. We were wearing these dull grey bodysuits with silver tinsel sewn to us! The costume budget must have been low… There was a lot of marching if I remember correctly!