Chrislyn Austin

Dance Instructor

Dance Education: BC provincials representative 2 years, trained at Luki Dance Productions

Professional Experience: Taught at Shuswap Dance and Armstrong Dance Academy; currently teaching at Vernon Okanagan School of Ballet and Creator’s Arts Centre. Level 1 comp certified in artistic gymnastics; taught at Momentum Gymnastics.

Why I love teaching: To be able to express yourself without words and tell a story through your movements, is one of the most powerful forms of communication. I strongly encourage my students to push themselves to the best of their ability, and the progression I’ve seen over the time I started teaching till now, has been the most rewarding experience I have yet to encounter.

How dance has changed my outlook on life: Through my dance training, seeing and acknowledging my own growth in the dance community was very rewarding. Not because of the competition, but because of the confidence growth that came with my hard work. I encourage my students not to compete to beat others but to be the best versions of them selves. Dance has changed my life in many ways but I am really thankful for the comfort it has put me in my own skin with.

Best advice you’ve ever been given or advice you share with students: “be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.” I think having the balance of give and take is really valuable and the more we put that perspective into our everyday life will be better set off

Favourite choreographers: Hanna Henney has always been a big inspiration in my dance career.

First Dance Performance: Lake Country School of Dance in an Acro duet