Placement for some dance classes is done strictly by age for developmental reasons.


First Steps | Age – 3 year olds
Short-term program to get your dancer’s feet wet. Beginner dancers develop their mind and muscle memory through a weekly series of  fun exercises that lay the groundwork for proper dance technique. They develop body awareness and control while exploring their own creativity and develop an understanding of the connection between dance, rhythm and music. Children are encouraged to think creatively and listen attentively while they learn the basic dance movements of Ballet, Jazz and Creative dance. Dancers must be 3 years old by Septembers 1st and fully potty trained.

Dance Basics | Age – 4 year olds
This is a short term program. This class has a similar structure to the First Steps class but with more emphasis on posture and development of dance steps and body placement. (Dancer must be 4 at start of program)

Pre-Primary | Age – 5 year olds
This 10 month program follows the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary Ballet syllabus for 5 year olds, teaching the basic dance techniques and movements of ballet. Emphasis on FUN and good dance technique to equip your young dancer with the tools they need to be successful not just in ballet but in a variety of other dance styles.

Pre-Primary Tap – 5 yr. olds

Teaches the basics of tap dance. Students will learn rhythm, coordination and a variety of simple tap sequences. An excellence class to develop your child’s musicality and muscle memory.

Jazz – 5/6 yr. olds

Teaches the basics of Jazz technique. A high-energy class for the big mover.

Jazz Dance

An upbeat and fast-paced class set to both traditional and contemporary Jazz music. This class is geared towards helping the dancer develop technique, with the emphasis on strength, posture, alignment, extensions and control.
Jazz is highly recommended for beginner to advanced dancers looking to improve their technique, fitness level and enhance their performance skills.

Note:  Jazz dancers level III and up are required to also take at least one ballet class per week at their level. Most dancers will be placed the same as their ballet level.

Lyrical DANCE

Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques and is a “cousin” to those styles. Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions. The emergent lyrical style has a relatively recent history and a genesis based on the coming together of ballet with rock/folk/pop/alternative music and a variety of jazz dance styles and modern dance

Note: Because Lyrical is a hybrid style, dancers must be enrolled in either Jazz or Ballet to register for this class.

Tap Dance

An American dance form characterized by rapid foot-tapping movement. The dancer wears special shoes with metal cleats (plates) so that when the toe or heel is tapped on the floor it makes a distinctive percussive sound. Tap routines encompass complex rhythmical patterns and syncopated phrasing, and can be performed to a wide variety of musical styles, but most especially jazz.

Hi-energy and upbeat, this class is highly recommended for students looking to make some noise! Students will also improve their musicality, performance skills and expand their movement vocabulary. Dancers level III and up are automatically entered into our competitive program and will compete their work at at least 2 local festivals (additional fees apply).

Modern Dance

A style of creative dance that explores a broader range of natural movements then those of classical ballet. Emphasis is placed on movement deriving from the expression of inner feeling. In this class, students will explore contraction, release, falls, floor work, jumps, turns, and improvisational movement.

This class is recommended for the beginner to advanced dancer who wants to expand their movement vocabulary and creative expression. Highly recommended for ballet dancers taking 2 or more classes per week to help with muscle development and versatility in performance.

Note: Modern dancers level III and up are required to also take at least one ballet class per week at their level.

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is an artistic culture expressed verbally (music), physically (dance), and visually (graffiti and fashion). Hip-Hop dance is a rhythmic and high-energy dance style. It teaches students groove, texture, rhythm, speed, and intricate body control while encouraging constant innovation of these fundamentals. Hip-Hop dance began alongside Hip-Hop music in the 1950’s largely influenced by James Brown, DJ Cool Herc and Afrika Bambataa. Hip-Hop developed from a freestyle expression into the more technical styles of popping, locking, breaking, house, krumping, waving, waacking, turfing, old school, animation and more. Hip-Hop seeks to expand the boundaries of movement, create community, express and celebrate. This class is for students who want to go “FULL OUT,” improve musicality, movement versatility, and train their cardio.

Note: Hip-Hop Crew is by invitation only for students with previous Hip-Hop experience. They are required to take 2 hip hop classes per week plus one other strength class (Ballet, Acro or Jazz).


AcroDance is a genre of dance which incorporates elements of gymnastics, jazz, tumbling, and basic contortion. Students learn Acrobatic tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest rolls, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerials and tumbling. Trick movements are usually executed slowly to emphasize gracefulness, body lines and picturesque extension. Acro is a dance-based art meant to compliment a student’s dance training.

Note:  Acro dancers must be enrolled in at least one other class as acro is a supplementary style that is not meant to stand alone in performance.  For level II and up the additional class must be ballet or jazz.

Ballet – RAD

R.A.D. Exams at Creator’s Arts Centre

For more info, please speak with Joanna Lige – R.A.D. Registered Teacher and
CAC Asistant Ballet Director

The Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organization, and examination board that specializes in the teaching and technique of Ballet. They seek to accomplish this through promoting dance, educating and training students and teachers and providing examinations to set standards and reward achievement. Exams are adjudicated by qualified R.A.D. examiners. The candidates are examined on a set syllabus ranging from Children’s Grades to Vocational Grades taught by an R.A.D. Registered Teacher. At Creator’s Arts Centre, students prepare for exams starting in Grade 2 ballet (approximately age 8) through to R.A.D. Advanced 2. Students are taught the exam syllabus in classes during the year, and prior to the exam in the Spring, the R.A.D. Registered Teacher will review the student’s readiness to determine if the exam is appropriate for this season. Extra exam coaching classes will be offered in the months prior to the exam.

*if your child is enrolled in an “exam” class, more info on the exam will be handed out as entry deadlines approach.  R.A.D classes are a minimum 2x per week. 

At Creator’s Arts Centre, we strongly recommend each child have an opportunity to participate in a Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exam. We believe the exam process helps the students to work harder, concentrate in class more, and develop the art and beauty of dance and performance along with refining their technique. We want all of our dancers to be their best – to be excellent at what they do. This is what Creator’s is all about – encouraging each child to be better than what they think they can be. The exam process gives us an opportunity to see the gift that’s within each dancer and draw it out, along with chiseling and refining the art of dance in them.

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.”
-Mother Theresa

* Please note that ballet class grade levels are according to the R. A. D. program and not school grades.

If there is a class you would like to see offered, please email us at ! Please note, a minimum of 8 students is required to run a class.

Private SEMI/Private CLASSES

We offer our students the opportunity year-round to book private or semi-private lessons to catch up on missed material, continue dancing through holidays, move more quickly to the next level in the discipline or get extra rehearsal time for their R.A.D exams.

How will my child’s class placement be determined?

Dance students 3-7 are placed according to what grade they are in school. Dance students aged 8 and up are placed according to technical achievement. Teachers will be assessing their students during the first few classes and students may be reassigned based on the teacher’s recommendations and on consultation with the parents.

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