Spring Break Intensive 2018

SPRING BREAK CLASSES! March 19-23, 2018

Boost forward in your skills this Spring Break with Ballet Variations (choreography), Jazz Jumps and Turns and Stretch and Strength Classes!

3.5 hrs a day for 5 days!  $150 for the week


2:00-3:30pm Ballet Variations

  • Choreography-based class to improve technique and performance skills. Geared to the R.A.D Foundations and Inter Foundation levels. Also, highly recommended for dancers in Intermediate and above to take on pointe and improve those skills.
  • Instructor: Ms. Joanna Lige

3:45-4:45pm Stretch and Strength – the splits and more!

  • Are you eager to create a strong dancer’s body, in order to help you achieve your dance goals? Hoping to increase your flexibility? Do you have a goal of getting closer to (or better yet, into) your splits? In order to access your full potential as a dancer, time needs to be dedicated to both strengthening and lengthening your body. This one-hour class will focus on toning muscles most used by dancers, as well at increasing overall flexibility, with a main focus on splits.
  • Instructor Ms. Kim Harrison

4:45-5:45pm Jazz Jumps and Turns

  • Looking to perfect some of those new jumps and turns you’ve been learning this year, or hoping to learn some new ones altogether? Whether you’re a recreational or competitive dancer, practice really does make perfect. Well-executed jumps and turns are what set an inter/adv dancer apart from a beginner one and after this 5 day intensive you will see your skills really shoot forward!
  • Instructor Ms. Kim Harrison

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