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Creator’s Arts Centre has always strived to keep its operating costs and student fees low to provide children from all socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to take classes in dance. In this tough economic time for government-funded arts programs, the need is greater then ever for non-profit arts opportunities for children. Creator’s Arts is the ONLY non-profit dance and drama training facility in Kelowna, and we need your help to keep providing quality arts training in this community.

With your annual or monthly gift to our Scholarship Fund or Tuition Assistance Fund you can be a part of what we are doing at Creator’s and help us encourage and inspire today what could be tomorrow’s great artists, teachers, and professionals.

Laura Elliott 
Artistic Director

“Our girls have been dancing at Creator’s for many years. Dance has become their favorite activity and each year they want to take more classes. When I went back to school full time I thought they would have to drop a few classes for financial reasons. I didn’t think we had any options until I became aware of the opportunity to volunteer in the office and be involved with the “Tuition Assistance Program”. Our girls were able to stay in all of their classes and even add an extra hour to their schedule! I love being involved with the school and supporting our girls in such a practical way.”

– Joy McHargue, volunteer and parent
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