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Since its beginnings, Creator’s Arts Centre has always had a scholarship program, whose aim is to award hard working students with scholarship money to further their dance education. Scholarships are awarded to students who show not only a diligent work ethic and a passion for dance, but they must also be good ambassadors for Creator’s and role models for the other students. Creator’s Arts Centre has also given scholarships to teachers looking to further their dance training and provide a higher level of instruction to the students.

There are three levels of scholarships:

  • Senior Ambassador
  • Intermediate Ambassador
  • Junior Ambassador

In recent years, the scholarship program has been privately funded by local business owners and individual donors. This is one of the many ways we provide opportunities for members of the community to partner with us.

Donors may also create a scholarship in the name of their business or an individual. We currently have three privately funded annual scholarships:

The Melissa Beidler Award

This award is in memory of Melissa Beidler, a former Creator’s Arts Centre student who passed away in 2010 from cancer. Melissa was an example to all who knew her of courage, integrity and peace. This award goes each year to a student who, like Melissa, shows great determination in the face of struggle and is an encouraging spirit to her fellow dancers.

“Dear Creator’s Arts Centre Teacher’s and Administrators,

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Creator’s for honouring me with the Melissa Beidler Award. It was truly a surprise and I feel so blessed to have the supportive environment of the studio to grow as a person and as a dancer and to make the true life long friends I have. I am finding it hard to put my gratitude into words and I’d just really like to say thank you so very much!”
Rachael Lesosky, 2011 recipient of the Melissa Beidler Award


An award in honor of dedication and years of service former dance director, Bev Colbow, has given to Creator’s Arts Centre. This award is given to a student who displays a similar spirit of encouragement, professionalism and creativity.

Catherine Thomas, 2004 scholarship winner and former Miss Canada International 2009 had this to say about how the Scholarship Program impacted her:

“I don’t know if I will ever be able to put into words what that meant to my life. That year built in me a confidence I hadn’t experienced before. I started to realize me dreams were not as silly as I imagined them to be. ”

Donna Kelburt, mom of 10yr. old Autumn Kelbert, had this to say about their experience with Creator’s Arts Centre:

“Two years ago, at the year end CAC show, the girls performing for the audience were having so much fun on stage, that my mother seated next to me, leaned over and whispered in my ear, how she would have loved to have had dance classes like Autumn when she was a young girl! My mother passed away shortly after that performance, but her words will always stick with me. What a wonderful opportunity any girls gets when they enrol at CAC! The mentoring that each girl gets is unmatched anywhere and the professional instruction is incredible. Autumn received a scholarship last year at the year end show and that will be a forever high- lite for her. What an encouragement for her to work hard at something you love! Each day, as Autumn constantly tip taps and does her jazz and ballet moves throughout the house, I can’t help but be so thankful that she has had the privilege to be a student at CAC. Thank you again for being a studio that cares about each young girl that comes through its doors.”


THE shooting star award

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To donate towards this inspiring program please visit our “Levels of Giving” page
To create your own scholarship in the name of your business or a person, please email to find out how.

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