Tuition Assistance

Since the birth of Creator’s Arts Centre, we have offered various forms of tuition assistance to the community. Now that we are a registered charity, our Tuition Assistance Fund has taken shape, expanded and exists to:

Keep our tuition fees as low as possible
Maintain our ability to offer families further-reduced tuition fees in exchange for volunteer hours
We are constantly growing. Because of our commitment to providing affordable arts opportunities to the community what we take in for tuition fees does not cover all our operating costs. The Tuition Assistance Fund fills in this gap so we can keep offering high-quality training in the performing arts to families from diverse financial situations.

To learn more about how you can contribute to the Tuition Assistance Fund, please visit our “Levels of Giving” page

To apply for Tuition Assistance, please email admin@creatorsartscentre and we will email you an application.

The following quotes are from individuals and families who have been recipients of Tuition Assistance through Creator’s Arts Centre:

“I am involved in the “Tuition Assistance Program” at Creator’s Arts Centre. Last Spring, a friend’s daughter, Yasha-Lynn, indicated to me that she was interested in dance, but her single mom was unable to send her so she was not able to take a classs. Yasha-Lynn could not sit still when there was music playing and I was moved to see what might be available to her to take dance. I phoned several schools to find out the price of dance lessons and Creator’s Arts Centre offered us the opportunity to take part in their tuition assistance program. Yash-Lynn’s mom and I both volunteer at the Art Centre and it has been so wonderful to see the exuberance of Yasha-Lynn grow and to see how dance has helped her become more polished and mature in her ways; being on time, taking care of things and committed to being here every week even when others are not. It is so exciting to see. I know she would like to continue dancing and being a part of this program is making it possible for her dream to become a reality. Thank you for giving her this opportunity.”

-Pat Snelgrove, volunteer and family friend of Yasha-Lynn, a recipient of Tuition Assistance from CAC

“Thank you for your willingness to do this on our behalf and to give this gift with such JOY. We are truly humbled and see this as direct provision from God for this season of our lives. Thank you for being the sweet aroma of His unfailing Love!”

-Christine Tromsness, volunteer and parent of Jessie Anne, a recipient of Tuition Assistance from CAC

“Our girls have been dancing at Creator’s for many years. Dance has become their favorite activity and each year they want to take more classes. When I went back to school full time I thought they would have to drop a few classes for financial reasons. I didn’t think we had any options until I became aware of the opportunity to volunteer in the office and be involved with the “Tuition Assistance Program”. Our girls were able to stay in all of their classes and even add an extra hour to their schedule! I love being involved with the school and supporting our girls in such a practical way.”

-Joy McHargue, volunteer and parent of 2 children who are recipients of tuition assistance from CAC

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