Tights Required for Recital

As you might recall, the class attire policy stated that colored tights (caramel or black) may be required for your child’s recital costume. Some classes will require colored tights and will be listed here. We include the style number for you to make it easier. These tights can be purchased at Dance Essentials on Springfield.

Also, bodysuits or underwear that is longer then bodysuit length will not be allowed to worn under costumes. if your child is one who find a costume “itchy” or doesn’t like to change in front of others consider purchasing them a “Nude Suit” from Dance Essentials as well. Straps must be nude colored (not clear) because of the lighting.

  1. Class Name: Sam’s Jazz “C” (Shadows)  Mondor Style # 314 – Caramel
  2. Class Name: Sam’s Teen Jazz ( Fireworks ) Mondor Style # 314 –  Caramel
  3. Class Name: Sam’s  Jazz “A”(Wolves) Mondor Style # 314 –  Caramel
  4. Class Name: Laura’s Accelerated Acro “A” (Vines) Mondor Style #312 (Footless) Caramel
  5. Class Name: Bev’s Tap II 7-9 yrs (Crabs) Mondor Style # 314 –  Caramel
  6. Class Name: Joanna’s Inter/Adv.Jazz  Mondor Style # 314 –  Caramel
  7. Class Name: Bev’s Jazz “B”  (Forrest) Mondor Style # 314 –  Caramel
  8. Class Name: Desiree’s Tap B (Going to the Palais) Mondor Style # 314 –  Caramel
  9. Class Name: Siobhan’s Tap 6-8 (Parrots) Mondor Style # 314 –  Caramel
  10. Class Name: Siobhan’s Teen Lyrical (Mermaids) Mondor Style # 312 (Footless)  Caramel
  11. Class Name: Chelsey’s Lyrical A (Water lilies) Mondor Style # 312 (Footless)  Caramel
  12. Class Name: Chelsey’s Lyrical B (Lost) Mondor Style # 312 (Footless)  Caramel

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