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Our History

Creator’s Arts Centre was founded in 1994 and today operates as a non-profit charitable society. CAC has established itself as a leader in the community, offering excellence and creativity in the arts and ballet classes lead by Royal Academy of Dance certified teachers. This commitment to excellence was acknowledged in 2013 with the Central Okanagan Foundation Arts Association Award for excellence in education and community outreach.

As the only non-profit charity dance school in the Okanagan, Creator’s Arts Centre is able to offer Tuition Assistance for low-income families, ensuring that the world of dance is accessible to all. Our dance education trains future generations to be creative, disciplined, motivated, compassionate, and intelligent members of our community; that learning opportunity should be extended to everyone, regardless of socio-economic background.

Creator’s Arts Centre was founded on the principles of the Christian faith, creating an environment that would allow students to receive exceptional dance training while exploring their faith and the arts in a safe and encouraging way. Today, these Christian roots form the basis of a value system that continues to govern Creator’s Arts Centre. It is important to note that CAC is NOT a religious organization and all students are welcome to train at Creator’s Arts Centre regardless of faith, ability or socio-economic background.

Student Testimonials

Why kids and parents love CAC!

At Creator’s Arts Centre I was given the same valuable experiences that another dance school may have offered, such as the chance to take ballet exams, the opportunity to perform in the community and the privilege to train to become a dance teacher, but at Creator’s those opportunities were experienced in an environment where discovering my individuality and performing to my personal best were of the upmost importance.

Marie Kerry

From doing the outreach performances in the past, I have learned that through my dancing, I can give a gift to people, and that the gift of me spending my time there to dance for those people is worth so much more than it I were performing at the Royal Opera House with perfect technique.

Adrianna, aged 16


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