COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Approved by the CACS Board of Directors on October 20th, 2021

Changing and Storage:
One of the things we learned from having to close our change room last year is that we don’t need really need it! So, it will remain a student lounge AND it’s also getting a makeover to turn it into a lounge/fitness space for dancers to do 1-1 personal training sessions with one of our certified instructors! The makeover won’t be entirely complete by next week but I am excited for you to see it transform. Dancers will still be able to hang out in the space and store their things but we ask that they continue to bring only the minimum of what is needed and take their personal items into class with them for safe keeping.

Waiting Room:
Parents are free to come upstairs with their dancers to drop them off and pick them up after classes and also to help the little ones with their dance shoes and using the bathroom before class.

For family members to be able to stay and watch the classes in the waiting room, we will be restricting that to the 15 chairs we have. This 15 person max includes siblings as well. Siblings must remain seated and will not be able at this time to roam and play in the halls. Classes will again be live-streamed to the waiting room for you to enjoy!

Masks must be worn at all times by persons 5+ and food is not permitted at this time.

Proof of vaccination not required at this time.

Ballet barres will be sanitized in between each Ballet class. All other surfaces will be cleaned once per day.

Masks are no longer mandatory, but any students wishing to continue wearing one may continue to do so at their own discretion. Please note, that masks will NOT be worn for the year end recital and students may be asked to remove their mask in classe if their teacher needs to work on facial expression.

We are no longer required to social distance and so close-contact work will again be part of our classes. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands or use sanitizer before and after doing close-contact work.

COVID Check-Ins:
No longer required

Proof of Vaccinations:

  • Not required for dancers under 22yrs old to participate in class or perform.
  • Required for parents to attend any dance shows or competitions in person. A streaming or video option will be available so parents can still see the performance.
  • Not required for parents/grandparents to pick up and drop off.
  • Not required for persons 12+ to hang out in the waiting room and watch the dance classes provided there are 15 or less people.

What happens if we get shut down?
As with our brief shut-down last winter, we will continue to offer all our classes online so your dancer does not miss anything! If your dancer chooses not to participate online, there are no refunds for those classes as they are still being offered. If you do not have internet at your house, we can arrange to have a video sent to you but need to know ahead of time so it gets recorded.

Please click on this link to see what symptoms require what actions for dancers at CAC.

Dancers not able to attend classes can participate over Zoom! We just require that you let us know at least 4 hours before the start of the first classes of the day so we can have time to set up the necessary equipment.

COVID Waiver:
A new COVID waiver has been uploaded to your online accounts. It must be signed before your child’s first class with us or they will not be able to participate until it’s done. To access the online waiver, please:

  • log into your account
  • click on “More”
  • click on “Waivers and Policies”
  • select the 2nd waiver called “COVID Waiver”
  • Click to agree

This video also shows you where to find the waiver.

As the guidelines change, CAC will change with that and keep you updated in a timely manner.

As the restrictions from the BC Government change, CAC will change with that. Updates will be sent out via newsletter as they come in.


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