Last Update: March 29th, 2021

We have made some temporary changes at the studio to help do our part to create a safe environment for the dancers and parents. Please see below for this important information:

Entrance and Exit:
Students and parents must enter by elevator and exit by stairwell. Limit of 2 people per trip in the elevator if they are from different households/bubbles.

Changing and Storage:
The student lounge will be used as the waiting room space for dancers/parents waiting to pick up or go into classes in “Studio 1”. It will no longer be a place for students to change or store personal items. If possible please have your dancer in their dance clothing before coming to the studio and leave in their dance clothing.  Dancers ages 8 and up will still place their shoes in the hall but take their personal items into the studios. Dancers ages 3-7 will take their shoes into class with them. Dancers must limit the amount of stuff they bring to class as the storage cubbies are very small. If possible please leave all school bags and extra items in the car.

Waiting Room:
We are closing down our waiting room for parents to stay and watch classes until restrictions are lifted on social distancing. The waiting room will largely be used for students waiting to go into class in “Studio 2”. If you have a child with a special need that requires you to be on-site in case of emergency please email the office to request a waiting spot during your child’s class. Also, if you have more than one dancer in more than one of our Saturday short-term classes (for example, one in the 3yr old class and one in the 5yr old class) you will be permitted to stay as well to transition your kids in and out of classes. Please email the office your request. Permission must be in place before you stay.

We have staggered the start times for classes for our youngest dancers to minimize the amount of bodies in the space at one time before and after classes. Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your child’s class start time and 5 minutes before the end of class to help us keep the crowding down. For dancers ages 3-8 their teacher will help them get ready to go for the day at the end of their class so when you arrive to pick them up they are all set.

Bathrooms will be sanitized after every use. Staff will clean for ages 3-9 and dancers ages 10+ will follow the written instructions to wipe down the bathroom after use. The whole studio will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly each day and high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, personal belongings cubbies and ballet barres will be cleaned between every class.  There is hand sanitizer in each studio to use as often as needed.

Students Grade 4 (in school) and up and all adults must wear a mask at all times in the studio unless medically unable to do so.

Our studio floors have been divided into individual quadrants so each dancer has a spot that allows them to dance freely while maintaining 6ft of distance from the dancer next to them. For the time being, teachers will not be offering any hands-on corrections unless absolutely necessary (for example, a dancer is falling out of a cartwheel and may hurt themselves).

If your dancer is displaying any COVID symptoms, has been traveling in the last 14 days or has been a confirmed contact of someone with a confirmed case of COVID they will not be permitted to attend class that day so please do not send them. If you are displaying any symptoms please have your child dropped off and picked up by another adult when possible.

As the restrictions from Worksafe BC change CAC will change with that — hopefully to allow more freedom instead of less. Updates will be sent out via newsletter as they come in. To sign up for our newsletter, please click on this link: