Our Kelowna dance school offers the highest level of ballet instruction. We are proud to be one of only a handful of Kelowna dance schools that certified by the Royal Academy of Dance.
Founded in the United Kingdom in 1920, the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the most influential dance organizations in the world. RAD sets standards for ballet by promoting dance and educating and training students/teachers. Crucially, RAD provides exams to high standards, rewarding achievement in ballet.
All Royal Academy of Dance exams are adjudicated by qualified RAD examiners. The candidates are examined on a set syllabus ranging from Children’s Grades to Vocational Grades taught by an RAD Registered Teacher. At Creator’s Arts Centre, students prepare for exams starting in Grade 2 Ballet (approximately age 8) through to RAD Advanced 2. Students learn the exam syllabus in their ballet classes during the year. Before the exam in the Spring, the RAD Registered Teacher will review the student’s readiness to determine if the exam is appropriate for this season. Extra exam coaching classes will be offered in the months leading up to the exam.
Note: If your child is enrolled in an “exam” class, more information on the exam will distributed as entry deadlines approach.  RAD classes are a minimum 2x per week.

RAD Ballet Exams at Creator’s Arts Centre

At Creator’s Arts Centre, we strongly recommend that each child have an opportunity to participate in a Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exam. We believe the exam process helps students work harder, concentrate in class, and develop the art and beauty of dance and performance while refining their technique. We want our dancers to be their best; to be excellent at what they do. Creator’s mission is to encourage each child to be better than what they think they can be. The exam process gives us an opportunity to see the gift that’s within each dancer and draw it out, along with chiseling and refining the art of dance within.