Demi Kouwenhoven

Dance Instructor

Demi fell in love with dance at the age of 4 and has been dancing ever since. Dancing has been central to her life because she loves the muscle training, the emotional release, playing a character, the discipline, and working together with other artists to make a thing of creativity and beauty. Demi has worked with Rushing Wild, a pre-professional performing arts company in Vernon, as a dancer and choreographer. She has also been coaching cheerleading at RSS and her team has attended numerous international and local competitions performing routines consisting of cheer, jumps, tumbling, dance, and stunts.

Demi believes that teaching is as much about formal instruction as it is about helping people grow as individuals and she loves to encourage confidence in her students and give them tools that will help them beyond the dance studio.

Disciplines Taught: I teach competitive cheerleading and primary levels of ballet and jazz

Dance Education:

R.A.D Ballet Examination Intermediate
Training from 4yrs
Certificate with the R.A.D in Dance Education

Related Education: Cheer

6 years of coaching competitive high school and all star cheer
USASF Credentialed up to level 3 in tumbling and stunting

Professional performing resume: 1 year performing with “Rushing Wild” (a semi-pro)

Why I love teaching: I love influencing some of the first experiences children have with dance and getting the chance to witness their understanding of life lessons and life skills from within the studio.

How dance has changed my outlook on life: Dance has shown me that practice and dedication can get you a long way in any aspects of life. Also that it is just as important to train your inner artist and fuel your passion as it is to achieve any other practical goals.

Best advice you’ve ever been given or advice you share with students: It’s not about what it should be or how it should look but how you do it and how you look doing it.

Favourite choreographer: Bob Fosse

First dance performance piece: My first performance I was 5 years old and we were dwarves!