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Dances classes for preschool to teen!

Kelowna’s Non-Profit Dance School

Excellence in dance training since 1994

Creator’s Arts Centre is the only non-profit dance school in the Okanagan, offering students a high-quality of dance education within a welcoming and established environment. As a non-profit society, Creator’s Arts Centre offers a tuition assistance program ensuring that the experience of professional dance training is accessible to all.

Our Mission Statement

Who We Are

Creator’s Arts Centre is a registered charity that is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and was founded on the uplifting principles of the Christian faith, forming the basis of a strong values system that governs Creator’s Arts Centre to this day. CAC is not a religious organization and welcomes all students, regardless of faith, race or gender.

Our Vision

Excellence in dance training since 1994

To provide professional training that inspires creativity and expression through the performing arts.

Our Values

Creator’s Arts Centre strives to:

  • Encourage each individual to recognize their unique value
  • Discover and develop the full potential of each student’s talent and creativity
  • Foster a community of growing and vibrant relationships
  • Intentionally create a welcoming and safe environment
  • Provide excellent training through professional instruction
  • Create opportunities for community engagement through education, service and performance
  • Celebrate the diversity of all artists from recreational to aspiring professionals
  • Walk with integrity and consistency in our words, actions, and character
  • Respect and honor individual beauty without exploitation
  • Provide age-appropriate costuming, music, and choreography

Student Testimonials

Why kids and parents love CAC!

At Creator’s Arts Centre I was given the same valuable experiences that another dance school may have offered, such as the chance to take ballet exams, the opportunity to perform in the community and the privilege to train to become a dance teacher, but at Creator’s those opportunities were experienced in an environment where discovering my individuality and performing to my personal best were of the upmost importance.

Marie Kerry

From doing the outreach performances in the past, I have learned that through my dancing, I can give a gift to people, and that the gift of me spending my time there to dance for those people is worth so much more than it I were performing at the Royal Opera House with perfect technique.

Adrianna, aged 16


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